Welcome to Waters Ecology


Mr Leki has gone online for remote learning.  This website is a collection of news, videos, songs, and lessons made especially for Field Ecology classes at Waters Elementary school in Chicago and shared freely for all as we extend the invitation to learn about, love, and get out into nature! 

Here’s the Ecology Fall 2020 Welcome video and message sent out at the beginning of the school year.

The Ecology Field Trip Calendar now contains the Remote Learning Schedule. These are the times that Mr. Leki is online with each classroom.

These link above go to the weekly lessons Mr. Leki uses online, including video links, maps, and other resources. We’ve been hearing from parents that their children love to sing the songs and are watching the videos more than once to learn them. We’ve also heard that some waters alumni have found the videos and are enjoying them too. We love that!

If you like our work, please become a supporter of Waters Ecology, by donating to and typing “in honor of Waters Ecology” Here’s the link Donations raised by Waters Today for the ecology program fund Mr. Leki’s position as Ecology Director.

Many people have donated their time, skills, and creative talent…

Special thanks to Jules Peterson-Green for filming, editing, coordinating this joyful collaborative project.

Special thanks to our computer wizard Clayton Miller for building us a computer out of donate parts thru FreeGeek and then spending hours getting it all set up and working.

Thank you to computer gurus Bill Keller and Kevin Anderson for the computer advice and support over the years.

Thank you to Jeremy Atherton for loaning audio equipment, camera advice, and sharing music for soundtracks.

Music has also been shared with us for soundtracks by many including Jeff Burris, Pete Leki, Poppy Brandes, Dylan S, Jeremy Atherton, and more.

We have many to thank for allowing us to interview them including

Leslie Borns, Steward of Montrose Point

Cordia Pugh, founder and director of the Hermitage Community Garden and Englewood Veteran’s Garden

Andrea Dennis, of Friends of the Parks

Juan Gonzalez of Drummond Montessorri

Annette Aragon, Waters Grad, co-founder of Israel’s Gift of Hope, filmmaker, and former Waters Ecology Media Lab member.

Marnie Ware of Prosser Community Garden at Prosser High School, CPS.

We have many to thank for contributing footage including:

Bob Dolgan, filmmaker of Monty and Rose, about the endangered Piping Plover at Montrose Point

Alan Shortall, photographer, aerial videographer

Rogelio Gamez, photographer, for video footage

McAvoy family (Riverbank Neighbors!) for turtle egg hatching footage.

Clayton Miller, photographer, for video time-lapse footage

Also thank you to Annette Aragon for camera work on several clips including Fall Colors. Annette is a filmmaker and, years ago was part of our old Ecology Media Lab, appearing in some of the older films. She’s a Waters Alumni and a college grad returning to be part of our camera crew.

And of course a big thank you to all the dedicated, hardworking, and treasured people who make this all possible thru Waters Today and thru the community at large. You rock.