Valentines to Mother Earth

Dear Friends,
This past week we spent part of my time in the primary grades writing Valentine’s cards to Mother Nature (Except for Kindergarten. They made cards for their other moms) I asked the kids do a beautiful drawing, and write a message to Mother Nature. I asked them to punch a hole on the card and attach a string or ribbon. I asked them to ask their folks to take them to the riverbank, or Waters Gardens, or even to a tree or bush in their own yard, and attach that card. In this small way we could thank Nature for her gifts, and maybe others would see the cards, read them and be reminded.

The Kindergarten cards are mostly renderings of the unlikely pairing of a spider with a palm tree. They saw something in each other, these two, and love blossomed. May that be Mother Nature’s gift to us, the ability to see in another being, something that connects, that creates something new. Cloud and tree, bacteria and Blue whale, we are truly One family, One being, on this beloved Earth.

Thank you, friends, for sharing your children’s messages.

Mr. Leki