Piping Plovers, Screech Owls, and Phenology

Dear Friends, The earth is reborn, fresh and new!In our garden, a parade of rare and beautiful native flowers are revealing themselves, day by day. I have asked our students to seek them out, to sketch them and record the date of bloom. This is a branch of ecology called Phenology, the timing of biological events. One way to take the pulse of Nature. Have a look! Slides 2-12 are blooming or have already bloomed in our garden.


Chalk one up for the Plovers! Last week the Chicago Park District acceded to the urgent requests of birders, restorationists and our middle school students and teachers, to add permanent protection to the part of the Montrose Dune Natural Area that has been the nesting area for the endangered Piping Plovers! The Graff family celebrated by doing a trash pick up at Montrose Point! Well done!

Abbie, Sylvie, and Grandmother Graff.jpg


Elizabeth K and students Leighton and Corinne alerted me to the presence of a clutch of Screech owls in our neighborhood! If we open our eyes, who

Baby Screech Owl.jpg

 knows what we will see. What a gift. Thank You!
Please visit watersecology.org, for news, ecology lesson resources K-8, films and photos,
Mr. Leki