The kids are coming back!

In just 5 days school will re-commence
I hope to get ready by fixing up the garden, protecting it and explaining it.
Here are some of the strategic tasks I hope to get done :

Open the Snake and Turtle Garden ~ these are two mounds in the shape of a Snake and Turtle, behind (south of) the huge net by the sports field. This garden has an educational aspect regarding the origin story of our school and garden, and the river and wetlands that once occupied this space. I would like the entrance and exit to be a bit mysterious, and marked with signage explaining the Legend of Snake and Turtle, and asking visitors to be gentle, stepping only on the pavers that line the back of the mounds. I would like to regularly water S&T for the next 2 weeks to try to have all bare soils covered with plants (at least grass). I want to build a more whimsical entry and exit, a portal to remember the beauty of wild places. 

Re-do the kiosks with new art and information. 

Finish rehabbing the Journeys and Refuge Garden. Add signage explaining its history and meaning. Finish digging out the paths and fill with new wood chips. Prune bushes and vines and tie new canes to support wires. Trim the vines on the brick walls to keep windows clear, 

Chokeberry area: install 3-4 new stumps in the wood chipped area. These need to be buried about 6-8 inches for stability. We will weed and  re-chip this whole area and put signage identifying the chokeberries and beautiful Musclewood tree, Blue Beech, to honor and protect them. 

I want to put up a temporary fence along the northside walkway of the new swale to try to keep it from being trampled and eroded.

Finally, signage has always been a problem for us. All weather, long lasting, eco-friendly, informative and beautiful signage. Any ideas?

See you at Garden Night, tonite at 5:00.