Dear Waters Gardeners and School Families,

We are blessed to have some cool, clear, Fall weather this evening after a very long and hot and humid summer. Our gardens are mostly healthy and productive. My first class came out on Tuesday, Kindergardeners, to learn the Garden Rules, have a book read-aloud, and enjoy the cherry tomatoes and fragrant herbs. 
We have done alot of work to prepare our grounds for the beginning of school. This is especially important because outdoor education has a big part to play in keeping our kids safe and healthy while at school. We have created many nooks and crannies for groups of students to talk, read, discuss, do art and music. In a sense, we have created a way to lower class size, and keep our distancing.

We still have two major projects to finish (and many smaller ones).
1) Complete the restoration of the Journeys and Refuge Garden by the school entrance. This means more weeding, clearing of paths, training of raspberries, planting and wood chipping. When completed (soon!) it will be a jewel! Truly a place of Refuge and Peace.
2) Complete the Snake and Turtle mounds path by building a gazebo entrance and exit way, and creating beautiful and durable signage to explain its meaning.  We may be installing (post-hole digging) posts at the “Head” end of the path this evening, or in the near future. The S&T Mounds tell an important story about the place where our school stands today.

We will also be making a fire at the fire pit to burn brush and cook snacks. Gardeners are welcomed to bring food to share and to help organize this social opportunity to make and deepen friendships. Garden volunteer and Permaculturist Stephen Yoshida, is interested in organizing a project to create more and better signage for the garden. Anyone interested in getting together to discuss this project, please look for Stephen tonite, or talk to me, Pete.

We usually work from 5-7:00 or so and then start to prepare food, talk, AND play music. Bring your guitar, or tuba and play or sing for our garden and neighbors.

See you this evening,