Last… official…Wednesday┬ánight

This might be the last… official…Wednesday night… garden night of the season!
One of the things about the Equinox is that at this time the rate of change of the length of the day is at its height. the shortening of the daylight hours peaks at Equinox, and it is one reason we feel the TURN of the season, it is swift! 
So, we are in a daylight time squeeze, especially for garden night, less time for work, less time for food, and talk.
So, I suggest that we switch, in October, to Saturday  gatherings, 10:00 until 12:00, with food and friendship lasting as long as people wish it. 
Still there is lots to do. 
I want to finish installing the split rail fencing on the North side of the North swale.
There is still pruning and binding and trellising to do in Journeys and Refuge, Garden AND the planting of ferns, AND the building of crafty twig fencing;
There is pruning, weeding and tying to be finished on the raspberries on the west side of the Annex.

Also, I want to invite you to a gathering next Wednesday, Oct 6, at 5:00, on the Patio to talk about how to improve our signage, our placemaking, our appreciation for our magical garden, led by garden friend Stephen Yoshida .

Talk about appreciation, I want to thank you all for making the garden so beautiful this year. The work and care that you have given the garden are so extraordinary. Jules says that we should never forget to thank and raise up people who have done so much, but I get worried I will forget someone and that they will be hurt. Quandary. Thanks you for the watering! The weeding! The wood chipping! The fence building! The transplanting! The cooking! The burning! The Love and Friendship. From the youngest to the oldest, thank you with all my heart.  You ARE the Garden. 

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