Waters Ecology. Design! Build!

Dear Gardeners!
Just a reminder that we have switched to Saturdays for the month of October, to have better lighting on our gatherings. 
So, this Saturday we will meet for labor, from 10:00 until 12:00 and then take time to share food and stories and music??
I will be late,  but other leaders will help direct the work (north side, north swale split rail fence!, weeding, pruning and burning,  etc)

Remember that tomorrow at 5:00 Stephen Yoshida will facilitate a gathering to re-think and re-imagine ways to make the garden space more powerful and more useful to our school and community. This from Stephen:
To better share and grow our community garden, Waters Ecology is looking for input and volunteers to support a community-driven placemaking project. Tomorrow at 5pm we will be conducting a participatory visioning process on the Patio just north of the new Nature Play SpaceWe want to know what the Waters Elementary community values about the garden and how we grow and/or share those qualities with our community and neighbors. 
Some examples of project ideas that could come out of the process:

  • We love to cook meals and hang out in the garden so maybe we could install picnic tables. 
  • We want to share the science behind the health benefits of community gardens so we could make attractive signage about them
  • Even something as simple as a brochure that tells the story of this place and the plants and animals that live here

It’s a big project and we can’t do it alone! We’ll be out on the Patiofrom 5 til dark and would love it if you’d stop by, learn more, or chip in an idea or two!

This is the beginning of a planning process that will hopefully get made into reality in the spring of 2022. So join us in imaging and refining our inquiry.