Quick Note!!

We had a wonderful “charrette” last Wednesday, people brainstorming about creative ideas for the garden. Thanks to Stephen for facilitating this on-going process. 
We will have our first October Work Day this Saturday from 10-12.
We are hoping to finish the line of split rail fencing on the north side of the north swale. 
We can build an artisanal twig fence in the Journeys and refuge Garden. 
We can coil hoses and do a general clean up.
We can pull up nut sedge from the NW playground. 
And we can end with food and a good fire around the log circle. 
I will be late, (11:15?) because I am giving a tour of Sauganash for Friends of the River. 
But, I will be there and will help with food, and cooking and music and all, 
Thanks to our many leaders for stepping up and self managing.