Spirits, part 2

Dear Friends, One time my mother went to Walgreens for some remedy and turned down an aisle full of “Halloween” merch. Endless, plastic, funky, junky stuff. But she stopped short at a huge display of “witch” masks. Rubbery, gross, straggle-haired monsters. My mom said: “They look just like me”. Grey face, grey skin, wrinkles, a wart, big nose. Literally, my mom thought these were masks of her…that beloved, much loved, face, that had been through so much trouble and turmoil in life to create it. She blew my mind with this insight. I really hadn’t thought about it until then. What can you say???? Why are older women merchandised as horrors? Why are they not honored, and revered as sages?? Attached is Spirit Story, the 2nd in this series. I wrote it years ago, inspired by the season, the moment, maybe by my mother. My hope is that you will share it with your children, with tea or cocoa, at night, before bedtime.

Mr. Leki

Spirit Story