Cool and crisp October Day!

Wasp nest devoured by friendly skunk

Dear Waters Gardeners, 
Beautiful Fall day predicted for tomorrow, cool, breezy, no rain.
Join us from 10 until noon to weed, prune, clean potatoes, generally clean up, and…

…make a fire to burn brush and cook food for a shared midday meal and music. Bring food and song.
Join us!

Please read this message from Arunas:

Community Gardeners,

As another season winds down, now is a good time to clean out our plots and think about next year. Please let us know if you plan to garden at Waters next year. You can drop us an email @ Every spring there is high demand for plots, so anything you can do to help us get an accurate idea of how many plots we have available is greatly appreciated. Please also let us know if you do not plan on gardening next year.

When cleaning out your plot, please throw tomatoes, cucumbers, and any other plants that look blighted into the green Dumpster on the north end of the parking lot to the west of the annex (there’s a little Dumpster area over there behind the wall). Other plants can be chopped up and thrown in the compost bin.  Tomato cages and fencing can be placed on the south side of the ugly shed in the “tomato cage cage” by the green house.

If you plan on gardening next year, now is a great time to plant garlic. A few tips on planting garlic: Farmers markets, garden stores and Whole Foods all sell garlic you can plant. Supermarket garlic is zapped so it will not propagate, according to the dude at the farmers market, at least. Simply break up a bulb of garlic and plant each clove about 3-4 inches apart, about an inch or two down. I usually cover my cloves with some chicken wire or something to keep the squirrels from digging up my garlic while they try to bury their acorns. In June or July you’ll have garlic!