Last Garden Stewardship Day!

Dear Garden Friends, 
This is IT! This is the last Garden Day for 2021. What a year. What a memorable, challenging, and wonderful year. Bucket loads of appreciation for the endless joyful help and energy you all contributed. Tomorrow will be a wrapping up. There will still be things to do later, but there is something very satisfying about putting away the things that make the garden, straightening out and ordering. I was thinking it would be amazing to have a Mid-Winter Garden day in the Annex, where we do maintenance on our wheelbarrows, and tools, fix or toss broken tools and sort through buckets to see what is hidden there. And after, a fire in the pit, surrounded by snow.
So we will meet from 10:00 until noon, then gather around a fire for food, music and friendship. I wanted to share with you a little story of the season that I wrote. I’ve already shared it with the ecology volunteer list, but wanted to also provide it to our gardeners and families, as an alternative to the often horrific bloody mayhem that is offered up in the broader culture during this mysterious, poignant time. 

Hey! We’re Okay! How are you?

See you tomorrow.