Brrrrrrrrrr! Glorious snow, bitter cold, Wiley Variant

Winter Solstice ~ Turtle, Heron, and Willow

A new year greets us with glorious snow and bitter cold, a fast-spreading Covid variant, and complicated. If calculations to keep ourselves and our students safe and healthy. If we have enough stamina (and great clothing) we could do all of our school activities outdoors and freeze the aerosol covid droplets as soon as they leave our breath. I have been busy scheduling our winter field ecology trips with the hope that we will get past this latest surge. Part of that preparation is giving our students some background in staying warm, insulation, and energy conservation. Last year a teacher told me that they were studying heat transfer, and so I spent some remote learning time exploring terms like convection, conduction, radiation, evaporation, etc, in our winter clothing choices and in keeping our homes warm.

 Principal Rutkowski has reorganized the Waters School website to make access to the ecology program ( and my up-to-date field ecology schedule. I hope this will make it a bit easier for volunteers to plan to join us on our explorations. Thanks Mr. R!

Stay warm and well,

Mr. Leki