Winter and embracing the cold!

Dear Friends,

Making our way into the winter ecology program is like riding the surf (I suppose), or doing downhill slalom (I suppose). At every moment, something might go wrong, sending everything topsy-turvy.

That’s why I cross my fingers and double-check every day as winter field trips draw near. We’ve had to cancel (for cold weather) 2 of the first four trips. Oh, well.

They are being rescheduled and starting early in the year, giving us time to have a new date IN WINTER, with snow and cold and tracks, and ice. So, tomorrow we are off, with 4th Grade Room 307. They are so excited. And think of the weather!  Yesterday and today were polar! Tomorrow the temperature will rise to the balmy ’20s, and the kids will have a fantastic winter experience in the wild.  Whew. I hope.

Next week there is more in store, but I am particularly happy to have scheduled the 8th grade to come on out into the Winter Garden. Our main task is to eat the roasted potatoes that we grew, to drink spiced apple cider, and to process the lovely mints into tea bags, and maybe shovel snow, or do some other garden tasks. The great thing, is that we will have access to the “old” Annex, west side. We called this the “Green Wing” when it was built. (It has a green roof, solar hot water, floor heating, southern exposure….) And it was supposed to be the new home for the ecology program, displaced by the destruction of the old, lovely fieldhouse.  I had the western section of the Green Wing for a year (except during lunch time). We had classes there, art and cooking and processing. It was great. Then we got overcrowded and the school needed the space for a Kinder class. For a year I shared the room with Ms. Novak and had the pleasure of overhearing her kind and brilliant pedagogy.

Then, we became more crowded and the space was taken over by our awesome arts program. I shifted myself to the teacher’s lounge/conference room, where I am today. It was all good. 

I give this history to say that it will be great to have that same space, with the southern view of the garden, available to host 8th grade classes. BUT, I NEED HELP. BECAUSE I HAVE OTHER CLASSES TO COVER, AND GETTING THE FIRES GOING IN THE GRILL (RECENTLY DONATED BY A FRIEND) right on time to produce perfectly cooked garden, organic potatoes, needs careful attention. ANY CHEFS OUT THERE?  Anyone willing and able to start the fires and have potatoes ready for dressing with butter, yogurt, chives, mushrooms????

Each class lasts 45-50 minutes. We will have the luxury of inside/outside access, with sinks and bathrooms. 
This thing, of kids, students, growing, harvesting, cooking and sharing delicious food, is life changing (anyway, they remember). Want to help?? With parents and teachers and neighbors involved, it becomes a community building thing.Can you help??

Let me know.

Mr. Leki