Lazo de amor´┐╝

Dear Friends,
Some years ago I was trying to figure out some way 
to do some lessons in plants, 
and life, and growing, etc, 
at the Kindergarden level. 
And in this particular year, I had, 
in my home biome, 
many, many little satellite babies of
Spiderplant,  Chlorophytum comosum,
or in spanish "lazo de amor".
In english it means "ribbon of love"
Kind of nicer than "spiderplant"
though, the shape of the plant does look spidery,
and if you don't have a spider phobia, 
it is a lovely look. 
The plant sends out fertile branches that end in lovely white blossoms, 
that somehow tranform to create miniature spider plants, 
that grow, droop in their heaviness, extend roots, 
and probably in their home place, 
drop into nearby water
and find their way to a new niche. 
In our apartments they sit, 
wondering what to do. 
I collected a hundred of these babies one year, 
and brought them to the kindergarden classes. 
I wrote a song. 
I thought these babies would be good Mothers' Day gifts.
The song said :
Spider took a walk
and found a lovely palm tree
The palm tree said to spider
"Would you like to climb on me?"
Soon they were married and had alot of children
The children were all spider plants, 
one, two and three. 

The biology is a bit .....
But, the love is for real. 
I asked my son Jamal to translate into Spanish.
He did. 
But he altered the music into a Latin modality that totally improved and transformed it.
In Spanish:

Erase un fino liston
(There once was a ribbon)
que llevada por el viento
(Thrown up by the wind)
en las bellas ramas de una 
(Into the lovely branches of a)
palmera se enlazo
(palm tree, it was entangled)
Tan a gusta se sentia
(So wonderful it felt)
que  al rato se casaron
(That they were soon married)
y tenemos en resultato
(and as a result we have)
una lazo de amor....
(a ribbon of Love)

Entre un liston y la palmera
(Between the ribbon and the palm)
hay un lazo de amor
(There is a bond of love)
Entre el agua y la tierra
(Between water and the earth)
hay un lazo de amor
(There is a bond of love)
Entre el cielo y las nubes 
(Between the trees and the clouds)
hay un lazo de amor
(There is a bond of love)
entre mi y mi mama
(Between me and my mother)
hay un lazo de amor.
(There is a bond of love)

Lazo de amor?
How do you say it in English?
A bond of love?
A tangle of love?
A knot of love?
A ribbon of love?

What is the thing between water and earth, 
tree and sky?
mother and child?
That is a lazo de amor.

I will be bringing this song / story to the Kinder kids this week.
The story, art and songs are posted on our website,

Mr. Leki