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1st Grade Music and Trees
3rd Grade Sprouts, and
Summer Job Opportunities for youth in the Forest Preserve

First Grade Trees and Music

Many (10?) years ago, our music teacher was Nadine Zelle. I had met her at Montrose Point where she was working for Friends of the Parks, Nature Along the Lake Program. She had this phenomenal capacity to get kids to sing. I managed to lure her to Waters and there we worked together, with Ms. Vecchioni, integrating the arts with ecology. Ms. Zelle moved on and is now working with the famed children’s singer and performer Ella Jenkins ( Ms. Zelle recently sent me a new song written by Ms. Jenkins called “Many Many Trees Around the World”. I adapted it for Waters 1st grade tree study and recorded it recently.  I owe a debt to Ms. Jenkins and Ms. Zelle for their inspiration. Also attached is 1st grade singing Chlorophyll Breakdown.

“Many Many Trees Around the World”
Chlorophyll Breakdown
What’s in a seed

On Monday March 14, Ist grade will visit the garden to do bark rubbings and observation of bark textures for different trees: sycamore, locust, ash, blue beech, river birch and hackberry. All have very distinctive bark. Any volunteer help would be appreciated. Room 210 at 11:45, Room 208 at 12:30, Room 211 at 1:30.
Our 1st grade actors will be performing the “Legend of Snake and Turtle” this week for Pre-K, Kinder, 1st and 8th Grades. 

3rd Grade Sprouts

And on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3rd grade will be exploring seed morphology and germination using jewelers loupes and tweezers and very cooperative lima beans. They will also learn the silly song attached below.

Summer Job Opportunities

This note from our friends in the Forest Preserve. This is for youth 16 and older. So, Waters alumni, high school and college are eligible:

 We are currently hiring Youth Outdoor Ambassadors for the summer. This is a great opportunity for young people and former Mighty Acorns who are interested in nature and the outdoors or are looking to try something new. The program takes place from June to August for a total of 10 weeks. The salary is set at $13.53 an hour for up to 40 hours a week. Interested candidates should apply on the Forest Preserves website,, by March 31st. I’ve attached a copy of the job flyer in case you’re able to share this with your network.

Thanks for spreading the word.

Mr. Leki