Ecology News for last week in March!

Emin’s post card
This Week!

1st Grade Trees
3rd Grade Sprouts 
Journal Response Fun
6th Graders River Trip Post Cards

First Grade Continues its study of the trees of Waters School. They are getting REAL good at it. Their teams already can identify our trees by bark and bloom, leaf and seed 95% of the time. By June that score will go up to 98%+. And they can sing! (listen to file below). 

Our three third grades are sprouting bean seeds to observe how germination works.  Then we will be getting to the practical work of planting seeds of vegetables and flowers for our garden and homes. Hopefully, by our frost-free date (May 10) our seedlings will be big and strong enough to transplant outdoors.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings at 8:30 (after drop off) I will be responding to field journals from 3-6th grades. This is pleasant and rewarding work (usually) and I would invite volunteers to join me for an hour. I will supply you with colored pens, coffee and… cookies.  Hope to see you.

During our 6th Grade winter river trip, we took lunch at the Evanston Ecology Center. We reviewed what we had seen and learned and then created post cards mostly to our students’ parents to let them know about our trip. Last week we were informed that one of these postcards had made its way to family in… Bosnia!!. See below. For most students it was their first time writing a post card. Some of the art work, and some of the things written were very beautiful and heart warming.

Mr. Leki