Garden note

We are watching the weather, the wind and the plants in the garden, hoping to get a burn done in the next week or so.  I saw that lots of Virginia Blue bells were up. That means we would have to avoid burning in those areas. It is a lucky window that opens and allows a burn in these times. It might be that this year we do a very restrained and restricted burn, if any. FYI.

Waters Garden Phenology Slide Show
Watch for these plants to emerge and flower from now until Fall.

First Garden Gathering???
I would like to schedule a limited orientation kind of garden meeting on Saturday, April 9, at noon, to talk over the coming year, the needs, tasks and guidelines. That way people can come in and get started whenever they are free and eager.

Tasks (quick list)
General Clean up
Clean up pile of bricks by rhubarb
Pick up litter everywhere
Dump Goji berry soils into compost
Pick up bricks wherever they are
Pick up broken fencing (branches and lumber)

Fix or Install Fencing
Check and repair all fencing
Install twig fencing by J&R hill
Fix temp fencing by S&T
Install fence around Felix's hazelnuts
Install fence around the Blue Beech
Install temporary fencing in NPlaySpace
Clean up garden patch north of cold frames
       *break old stems, fix or replace fencing,tie raspberries

General tasks
Prep S&T for Opening
Cut and herbicide unwanted woody stems (Throughout)
Re-do kiosks
Re-tie net south of sports field
Seed grass by log circle and Kindergarten
Rake parkway leaves (use as mulch)
     *pick up litter, repair fences
Prep grounds for burn
Repair any damaged raised beds
Fix table by fire pit
Remove winter protection from roses
Prune fruiting shrubs as needed and possible

Longer term individual, or group projects
Strolling the grounds after school to remind children not to destroy Nature.
Choosing a common garden plot to take care of as a project
 (J&R, Parkway plantings, rhubarb, S&T, raspberries west of Annex, berry patch by parking lot entrance)
Water barrel safety
Waters waterers
Maintain tidyness of tomato cage cage