Garden Night, LSC elections and Compost!

Join us Wednesday (tomorrow) for Garden Stewardship
We are excited to get back to gardening and getting together. Garden stewardship starts at 5:00 to 6:00, I would like to gather up to talk about some goals, and rules, and to share ideas for the garden.

One of our own running for Waters LSC
Tomorrow is the Local School Council election and one of our own regular gardeners, Nathan Hunter has put his name  forward to help lead the school forward in a progressive direction. Nathan and family have been regular garden day volunteers. He has advocated strongly for the ecology and arts program as being essential parts of Waters’ uniqueness. Nathan is also a generous musician and chef, filling our garden night with the strains of his accordian, and the fragrance of grilled food.  Please vote tomorrow, in the school, and join us in the garden at 5:00. You must bring an ID with your address. 

Compost is here!
Our order for compost has arrived. Four cubic yards of mushroom compost, and two cubic yards of soil mix. We will use this compost to top up the raised beds, and improve the soil in the community gardens and common areas. Grab a shovel and a wheel barrow and help get the compost into the ground. 

Lots to do!
See you then,

Pete Leki