It’s raining….It must be Wednesday

Dear Garden Friends,
It looks like rain again tonight. I want to switch our stewardship gatherings (garden work) to Saturday, 9-12. I would like to continue this for the month of June and see how its works. People are still welcome to gather and work on Wednesday evenings, and I will try to provide a list of priorities, but Wednesdays are a loooong day for me. If Saturdays work we can continue through the Summer. 
I want to also reach out to Waters Waterers to claim a day to commit to watering as the inevitable heat and dryness approach.  Let me know if you can help.
Note! We have a new donation of fine compost  from Waste Not Composting on the parkway by the Sunnyside entrance to the garden. I have some priorities for this compost listed below.
The gardens look fabulous. For the school gardens we have already planted:
2 beds of garlic,
3 beds of potatoes,
2 beds of peppers and eggplant,
3 beds of tomatoes, basil and cucumbers,
a bed of Romaine,
a bed of kale, and a bed of dill and baby squash.

We still have much to do.
*The KinderGarden, west of the sports field, needs to be re-vamped:
the wire trellises temporarily removed, most plants removed, composted or transplanted, the soil tilled, and a whopping foot of compost added. It will be planted in tomatoes by our students, mulched and the protective trellises will be re-built.
*All the fruiting shrubs in the parkways need to be weeded, and given a boost of compost.
*The little triangular garden south of the water fountain needs to be weeded of bedstraw.
The Nature PlaySpace needs to have the ash saplings cut out.
More tasks on the way. 
We have also received a kind offer of seedlings:

Chris Vaughn <>

Hi Pete:

Wanted to reach out about the extra plants we have that could be used at Waters Elementary. I still have a lot of the plants listed below, including 3 squash plants I didn’t have the heart to cull in my garden (Zappalo de Tronco) so I potted them up.

I’m flexible on delivery/pickup at this point - if there is a date/time/location that works for you please let me know. You are always welcome to drop by here to pick them up, or I could meet you somewhere.



If there is anyone who knows a gardener looking for extra plants, we have extras with no room to plant them. All are free to a good home. Please let know if you are interested and we can arrange an adoption!
Feel free to pass list around if you know of anyone who might be interested.

Plant List

  • Eggplant, Black Beauty – 3
  • Poblano/Ancho Pepper – 2
  • Tabasco Pepper – 2
  • Neapolitan Pepper – 2
  • Melrose Pepper, Heirloom -2
  • Melrose Pepper, Hybrid – 1
  • Italian Flat Leaf Parsley – 2
  • Tomato, “Saucy” – 1
  • Tomato, “Heinz VF” – 1