3rd Grade to the Garden tomorrow, HELP needed

Dear Friends, 

The 3rd grade team really jumped into planting seeds for the garden earlier this year. We ended up growing hundreds of plants. Some went home with the kids, and some are being transplanted to the garden tomorrow. Keeping 80 kids engaged and usefully occupied during their garden visit is a challenge. Adult supervision is very valuable. This is the note sent out by Ms. Katsoulos:

Dear Families,

This Friday we will be participating in several garden activities with Mr.Leki.  Mr. Leki has prepped a big plot for planting tomatoes and other beds for some of the other plants. 

Students will have the opportunity to participate in three stations:

Station 1:  Learning about organic farming and planting various plants.

Station 2:  Students will harvest some lettuce, wash it, spin it dry, squeeze a line of ranch dressing in the middle, fold and eat their lettuce taco. 

Station 3: Hauling compost.

For these garden activities we are in need of several volunteers to help run a station.  Our scheduled time is from 12:45pm-1:15pm.  Please let me know if you are available to join us.  Please note, all volunteers need to have completed the CPS volunteer application process. Thank you!

Ms. Katsoulos

The other classes will visit at:

1:30-2:15  Room 215
2:15-3:00  Room 217 

If you can help, please come early. I will probably run the planting activity, and I have a kind of script and plan for the organic farming / lettuce taco station. Are you game to try it??

Let me know, 

Mr. Leki