Saturday in the Garden

Waters Waterers, schedule and suggestions
Compost Bin Guidelines
Saturday Gathering

Dear Friends, 

We have watering commitments for 6 of 7 days of the week. Only Wednesday is open.
Thanks so much. If anyone thinks they would like to offer to moderate an on-line system of managing this effort, please let me know. Otherwise it will be email and scribbled postings on the garden shed. 

Some reminders when watering:
*water all the raised beds, potted plants, anything not in the actual ground.
*water beds that are empty (they are not empty, but full of life)
*water all of the beds, not just the plants. All the soil needs moisture, to provide a welcome invitation to the rooting plants,
*water the soil, the roots, not the leaves. Seems weird, but for ag plants, moist leaves invite pathogens.
*How much water??? If we had instruments, we could probe down to make sure the water was reaching the roots. We can use our fingers for the same purpose. If the ground is dry an inch down, the plant will not get the water it needs. Conversely, if we water too much, the water will run out, leaching the nutrients necessary for robust growth. I know. It is a complicated equation which proves itself in great harvest or disappointment. But if we can keep the whole soil profile (depth) moist, water will find easy access to roots.

Compost bin guidelines
Right now, our compost bins are ONLY for garden waste. (See me or other garden leaders for a more thorough explanation). Please, CHOP your garden waste into small morsels. Do NOT leave piles of weeds for someone else to deal with.  Read the signs. 
Follow their instructions. We have both ecological and CPS rules to follow. Help us. Take a turn chopping with our wonderful chopper (training is encouraged) or use hand pruners.

Won’t you contribute your thoughts??
How are you doing? Do you have questions or ideas to contribute?
Please share and we will post them here.

Saturday morning
I will be out of town. Please do normal garden tasks: pulling weeds, clipping ash and mulberry saplings. Check Journeys and Refuge garden for bind weeds and Virgin’s Bower.
The Commercial Compost container was finally picked up, so it is again available for noxious weeds. Please check rain barrels for mosquito larvae and to make sure they are covered. Enjoy!