Dear Gardening Friends

Dear Gardening Friends,
Saturday, 9-noon is Garden Day at Waters.
But this Saturday, June 18, is the 47th Ward Eco-Fest at Welles Park, 10:00 until 2:00 . Waters Garden and Riverbank Neighbors will be “tabling”, engaging our community about our work and our history.  And at 10:40 I will be leading a Sing-a-long under the Gazebo, singing Waters Ecology songs with our school students, parents and community. Please join us for this great event.
Thank you,

A note from Arunas:

If you’re traveling this summer and want to make sure your garden gets watered while you are away, you have two options: 
1. You can make friends with your neighboring gardeners and ask one of them to water your plot while you're away. 
2. You can plant a blue flag from the shed in your plot and one of the other gardeners or Waters Waterers will water it. The blue flags are in the shed in a bucket to the left of the door. There are also red flags if you do not want anyone to water your plot (some people are particular about when and how they water).

If you are at the garden and notice the blue barrels are getting low on water and you have a few minutes to spare, please fill them up from the hose. You don’t even have to fill them up all the way, but it’ll make it easier on everyone if we all try to keep the water barrels full. If you don’t know how to operate the spigot for the hose or where it is, we’ll be happy to show you.

Try to keep the land around your plot tidy and weeded. If you’re trying to keep the Creeping Charlie at bay and it’s already gone to seed, please dispose of those weeds in the green Dumpster on the north end of the parking lot. Do not dispose of the Creeping Charlie in the compost bins. There was also a recent delivery of wood chips, so if you do weed around your plot you can follow that up with a wheelbarrow or two of wood chips to slow future weed growth.

Garlic scapes (the curly tops on hardback varieties of garlic) are starting to appear in many plots around the garden. These are edible and delicious. You can use them pretty much as you use garlic, but the taste will be a little lighter and springy. They’re great in pestos or sautéed in recipes where you’d usually use garlic. Here’s one of my favorite garlic scape recipes.