Save Waters Ecology request for videos

Quick Take: Please record yourself reading your letter or telling how replacing Mr Leki is not right. With smartphones, long letters lose impact, but short videos work well.

More about the request for videos: First, a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who wrote letters, showed up, shared solutions, and spoke to Principal Rutkowski about how the proposed cuts to Waters Ecology affect you.  You can find your letter and all of the testimonials posted here on the Waters Ecology website:

Now, we need to tell all of the Local School Council (LSC) members – who will vote on the cuts to Waters Ecology this month – how we feel about the Ecology program with Mr. Leki.

We are inviting community members to make short videos to support Waters Ecology. This is your chance to tell the Local School Council (LSC) members how you feel before they vote on the proposed cuts to Waters Ecology with Mr. Leki. 
Remember, please only submit videos of your own self or family and please email Mr. Leki ( to let him know that you want him to put the video on the Waters Ecology website/facebook and that you give permission.

How you can help:
1.Record a short video with yourself or family sharing how you feel about the value of Mr. Leki in the Ecology Program and for the garden. Read your letter or simply speak from the heart!
2. Give written permission for the video to be used by sending Mr. Leki an email at
3. Go to this link to upload your video: Dropbox Upload link for Waters Ecology
4. Then post the video online wherever you feel your message needs to be heard!
5. You can also add the hashtag  #savewatersecology

*If you prefer to send your written letter directly to LSC members, you can email them at:
The LSC needs to hear from you before they vote this month! Let’s make our voices heard!

Thank you! 
Waters Ecology