of all times, Now? Surveyors in the Garden!

Dear Gardeners, 
Surveyor’s are at the school! I stopped and talked to them and asked if they were surveying for the polling place access project (the one responsible for the raspberry scare). They said, “No. We’re here to survey the whole property. They want us to pinpoint the location of the big oaks, everything.”
Please take photos of the surveyors and post to social media. This is similar to the last time surveyors were in the garden to drill boreholes for the footprint for a new Annex. 
One would think that I, as Director of Ecology Programs (still), would have been notified. 
But I wasn’t, and in the current atmosphere of threats to ecology and the garden, I should have been made aware.
It just notches up the anxiety level for the whole community.
I asked them not to step on plants. They said they would be careful.
Just a couple months ago I encountered two workers gathered around the bur oak by the tool shed, and they explained they had been asked to give an estimate for tree removal. No one had notified me.  I went to the Principal and filled him in on the history of these oaks, and organized environmental organizations to help us stop the destruction of this 300 year old tree.  When the BOE person came to do his personal observations, he agreed with the professionals that the tree was sound, healthy, biologically significant, and culturally invaluable, and should be cared for, protected, and presented to the community as a treasure. I only engaged with this delegation by luck. I was not told of their visit by the Principal. I was being excluded.
We have to be vigilant. Think Meigs Field. We have to be ready to come out and speak up.

If anyone has a list of media contacts that they could send to me, please do. 
and here are links to two articles covering what’s happened.

Green fight at North Side school

Lincoln Square Parents Furious Over Ousting Of Longtime Waters Ecology Director

The LSC has been made aware that I had accepted the terms before the last LSC mtg by one of their board members who was present for negotiations. 

Much Love and appreciation to you Garden Guardians,
Pete Leki

anonymous comment from longtime friend D. R.

(taking a cue from the LSC anonymous letters and the retribution for these emails)

“Just read the latest. I did feel like, in the LSC meeting, one thing that stuck out was that Mr. R was setting the narrative to expand his control over what is currently community plots. He gave the #s — I forgot what they were — but it would be very easy for him to couch it as “expanding” the program for students by upping the percent of their plots v. community members. He also pointed out there’s not enough recess space for the kids, setting the scene for less garden. This drives the explanation more into him just wanting control of the property, in my opinion. And it definitely shows he has been focused on a goal he is not revealing this whole time. “