Garden Stewardship Tomorrow Morning

Apologies for the late email. 

I was busy today. My entire summer has been spent trying to protect the ecology program, my job, stewardship of the garden, and to strive for permanent protection of the garden. We’re still getting emails from people who just found out what’s happened. The story isn’t over yet. 

Tonight’s Wednesday night garden night is still on, but I will not be there. 
I hope to be there Saturday. 

additional message and invitation: 

from a gardener: 
Think how you would feel if you were a school mom or dad who was a gardener, who made friends there, who enjoyed Wednesday nights with children playing, music, food, and the beauty of nature.  Think how it would feel to read some of the comments on facebook.  It is deeply hurtful. This issue needs to be addressed.  

An invitation: Please send us letters of thanks to the school families and neighbors, the gardeners who created and tended the garden over the last 20+ years. This would be healing. The gardeners deserve thanks, respect, and kindness. It would be good to get many many letters of thanks to the gardeners, past, and present. Please make extra time and write or record yourself sending thanks to the gardeners.  If you helped with the garden, then please thank those you witnessed. Tell the beautiful stories.  We’d like to share your stories, with your name, or just initials, or anonymously, if you prefer.  

Video of past garden night below. We hope you watch to the end when you have time.. about 7 minutes of a lovely typical garden night from years ago.