Flowers, vandals, food and friends

Garden Night tonite, April 26, 5-dark

Work done on Saturday, April 22, 2023

About 20 people attended. Here’s what we did:

We repaired various fencing to protect planted areas.

We cleaned and re-ordered the Cedar and Ugly Shed.

We rescued the 5 American Hazelnut bushes that had found refuge at the SE corner of the Green Wing Addition (thanks to Felix for salvaging these plants from the New Addition construction havoc). The fencing that had protected these plants was removed and they were mostly smashed to the ground. They were transplanted to the river on Sunday (thanks Jeremy and Brendon).

We repaired another damaged storage door for the pizza oven.

We picked up trash.

We burned brush and cooked lots of quesadillas con salchichas.

We walked the grounds to take note of and appreciate the new plants and flowers. 

Trilium Grandiflorum
Geranium maculatum

New flowers and buds

Coming into bloom: shooting stars, bladdernut, wild ginger, wild hyacinth, downy hawthorn, wild geranium, and more. Come and see.

Vigilance: after hour mischief met with the power of Garden Guardians. We once again had some garden vandalism: the table we use for the log circle was destroyed and thrown over the fence into the native garden. We removed it and will build a new one. We have a great group of neighbors that we call the Gar Gars (Garden Guardians) who we will invite soon to share food and strategize how to intervene to prevent damage to the gardens.  Many watchful eyes and caring souls can work wonders.

Waters School Community Garden Stewards