Park Plantings: An offering of berries to make your day

Gooseberries in Bloom

Garden Stewardship Saturday April 29, 10:00 until 12:00.

We will continue our work upgrading the parkway plantings, adding compost and repairing fencing. These unique publicly accessible berry plantings are a great example of how to convert non-productive turf into delicious food. Many of the gooseberries, currants. raspberries and grapes were refugees rescued from the old Snake and Turtle Garden before it was destroyed as part of the big Annex construction project. It has taken a few years for the plants to really take hold, but by now, throughout the summer you will see an endless stream of kids and parents and neighbors pause by the berry bushes to partake. It is like a small gift being offered that may help make someone’s day a little sweeter.

Here’s a great song by Kool and the Gang from 1974 called the FruitmanĀ  (…so eat naturally and you will see the difference).

We will also be working on restoring the White-Tailed Deer Rain Garden in the parkway on Maplewood. This flood relief artwork was created by Sol and Keiki, school parents of Leo, using old bricks to outline the shape of a deer. The soil inside was excavated to allow rain water that had been puddling on the sidewalk to drain into ground. It was planted in native sedges and irises. It is beautiful and functional. It just needs a little love.

All are welcomed to join us.

Virginia Bluebells, Mayapple, under the oak