Fences Protect Precious Plants, so do caring people

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Last Saturday a crew of artisanal gardeners restored the “White Tailed Deer Rain Garden” on the Maplewood parkway. The soil level was lowered, the bricks renewed and reset, new plants were added, and the hydrology of the system (the reason for its creation, to drain the flooded sidewalk) was reassessed and reconfigured. As we finished the work, the rain started on cue. After a bit, the water started to move and ….voila! The rain water entered the garden and the path was cleared.

White Tail Deer Rain Garden, Artists Sol, Keiki and kids
As Rain begins, the water flows into the rain garden. Photos by P. Brandes

Here is a summary of work done on Saturday:

Wooden stick fences were repaired. 

More compost and repairs to parkway berry areas. 

Greens harvested from cold frames. 

Repair and rebuilding of the “holding bed” (the one with cinder blocks near sink) for native transplanting. 

Tree signage.  

Clearing dead plants from native areas. 

Weeding creeping bellflower from native area.

Repair and rebuilding of White Tailed Deer Rain Garden on parkway. 

Lettuce and spinach in cold frame… after harvest. It was planted in October

For Garden night, May 3, 2023…. more of the above and doing a clean up of the southend of the bioswale which is coming awake with lush wetland plantings. Unfortunately it is also getting alotĀ of trash and detritus thrown in. Please help keep an eye on this very rich and valuable area.

Zizia Aurea, Golden alexander, photo by J. Atherton

All are welcome to join the work and fun. 5:00 until dark.

Garden Stewards