Keeping an Eye on the Garden

We saw a Kestrel in the garden staring at the ground, probably an eye on one of our many rabbits. We tried to get a photo but kestrels are small and it was a ways off.

It made us wish that someone was around to keep an eye on the garden with the serious diligence of a kestrel. When we arrived for garden day Saturday, the garden was a mess, apparently visited by crazies the night before. Chairs were broken, the water was left over flowing, flooding the path, rain barrels tipped over etc, ect. It took us a good hour to clean up.

Then we got on with the good business of fence building and mending, sign making, cleaning the bioswale, protecting the blackberries, looking at the new flowers, fixing the wheel barrow, and straightening out the lumber in the shed. 

Our bonus is looking at what is coming up in the native gardens. You look and look and then…. you see it. The re-emergence of a rare plant after a year’s dormancy. An exquisite courageous beauty in the face of a dangerous world. Fantastic! Sublime. 

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New split
New rail fencing to protect rare plants
Downy Hawthorne in bloom
Wheel replaced on barrow
Geranium maculatum