Garden Saturday 10-12 with music 6/24/23

Pickin’ Berries, and pickin’ guitars

Please join us tomorrow morning at 10:00 at Waters Garden Stewardship Day to weed, and water, collect seed and enjoy the latest blooms, and old friends and new.  Besides the regulare stewardship tasks, there will be food to share and a group of musicians will be sharing songs for us all to enjoy..

Below is a message from Arunas (with a few additions and edits):

Tomorrow should be an especially fun garden day. Besides the great weather, weeding and wood chips, there will be a jam session starting at around noon. May’s jam had at least a dozen musicians strumming along. Bring an instrument if you play or just come and enjoy the music. We’ll have food, but please bring something if you’d like to contribute. If you can’t think of what to bring, we can always use more hot dogs & sausages, buns, tortillas, cheese, chips and random snacks. No nuts please.

A few reminders as we head into the hot weeks of summer:

  • Keep the blue barrels full. If you have a few extra minutes when you’re at the garden, please fill (or even half fill) the blue water barrels. (And, check the barrels to make sure there are no drowned animals inside. It happens as desperate squirrels search for a drink of water. So, make sure the barrels are covered, even the 3-4 inch hole on top needs to be covered. Beside squirrels, mosquitoes can enter and lay rafts of eggs. Keep an eye out for mosquito larvae. If you don’t know what they look like, ask.)
  • There’s straw in the west bins of the compost bins and spreading some around your plot will keep moisture in and weeds down.
  • Plant nasturtiums and marigolds around the borders in your garden to keep the pests away. Look up ‘companion planting’ for more botanic synergies.
  • Raspberries and currants are starting to ripen in the parkway and in other parts of the garden. Please help yourself to a handful or more. They’re there for everyone, but the ones we collect as a group are turned into juices, syrups, pastries and shared during garden stewardship.
  • If you’re growing a hardneck variety of garlic, you probably have scapes right now. Here’s a tasty recipe for a white bean garlic scape dip. They’re also great in pestos and any other recipe that calls for garlic.

We still need a few watering shifts covered for the Waters Waterers. If you’re interested in helping out, let me know and I’ll pass your info along to Meg Hunter who is coordinating the waterers this year.

 So if you are interested in getting more involved, we need your energy and ideas. Stop by for a garden day on any Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. – Sunset, or on a Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – Noon-ish if you want to get more involved. If neither of those times work, reach out and we’ll figure something out.

Happy gardening!