Garden Night + Help with Creeping Charlie

As usual, please join us tomorrow evening (Wed. 5/8, 5pm-sunset) for garden stewardship!

In addition, we could use everyone’s help to tackle a creeping charlie problem! Also known as ground ivy, this aggressive invasive weed is especially easy to identify at the moment because it is currently blooming. It grows as a ground cover, and we’ve especially noticed it showing up in the paths and untended plot areas in the community garden space this spring. A member of the mint family, it smells minty when crushed and features scalloped leaves and small tubular purple flowers. More information and photos available here from the University of Minnesota Extension.

If you spot creeping charlie in an accessible spot while walking or working in the garden, please help us remove it! It is shallow rooted and easy to remove with flat spade, but don’t be discouraged when it grows back because it takes persistence – as with many of the weeds in garden. Please dispose of it in the commercial compost (at the north end of the parking lot) rather than in the garden compost to avoid spreading it further. If you have questions, feel free to ask a more experienced gardener to point you in the right direction!