Dear community, you may have noticed that the berried are ripe.

These berry bushes were planted over many years by students, community members, neighbors, teachers, and our garden staff, who have run countless annual pruning workdays. We also weed, tie up the berry bushes, and water them in times of drought. Lots of work! Also, lots of beauty.

They are there as a gift, an offering to the students and the wider community. Pick some! pop them right in your mouth and enjoy! Take a small container with and harvest some. Be sure to take only a fair amount, considering how many people have worked and come to harvest every day. If it’s near the end of the day and there are many, consider harvesting more and giving them to those in need.

If you love these berries, we are so glad! Enjoy!

Speak highly of berries and suggest that people plant them in parkways and parks, help tend them.

Or donate to support our ecology program. We would like to hire more garden workers, to train former might acorn grads, and to make awards available.

many thanks!

We have:



Red Currants

Black Currants

Black Raspberries

and… Gooseberries.