For many years, our ecology program has made videos, a selections of which we share with you here.

These are student made films, directed by Julie Peterson and with the partnership of Pete Leki, the Ecology Director.

The short film, “What a Waste” was made by Waters Students who worked with Julie to envision, film, and edit the process of the cafeteria waste survey and vision to reduce waste at Waters.  There are chapters about the waste survey, styrofoam trays, compostable waste, and wasted good food.  This film changed the way things were done and today, we are proud to say that great strides were made in reducing or eliminating each of these waste streams. We would like to make a film to update this story to assess the progress we’ve made and set new goals and bring together the lessons we learned and unresolved issues.

Water Emergency! Stormwater Management on our School Campus and other short films.   Waters School media lab traveled by train to Omaha to present this at a United Nations special Earth Day event.

Waters students’ film, The Hawk, is a classic.

The Deer lived in the garden for a week, years ago. Students and neighbors talk about this still today.

The video  “Two Friends”  includes a song by Pete Leki with the story of how the river used to flow where the school now stands and the Legend of Snake and Turtle.  The Legend of Snake and Turtle is the play that students perform every year that illustrates this story and tells of the formation of the effigy mounds hidden in the bushes at the northeast corner of the school, where snake and turtle used to live.

Newsreel: Lights, Bioswales, see the removal of the old lights, meet Joe who gives us a tour of the bioswale and picture perfect onsite stormwater management. See what’s under the synthetic turf.

Garden threats and destruction from 2008-Lessons to learn about how to protect the garden today

Some of those videos are linked in the playlist below.

A video from the community…Waters Parent John Hess