Support: Arnaldo & Sara Pierluissi

Dear Waters Local School Council,
I am writing this e-mail in support of Mr. Pete Leki and the Ecology Program at Waters school. I am a member of the community and I have two younger siblings who attended Waters school before the Ecology program was initially set up. The transformation of the barren school lot to a thriving eco garden/park has been nothing short of remarkable. The garden is not only a learning center for students but also serves the community with many programs that it offers throughout the year. It is also a quiet and calming space, a respite from the pressures and stress of everyday living.
Mr. Pete Leki, besides being responsible for the vision and the work involved in creating the garden, is a friendly, knowledgeable and patient steward who is dedicated and passionate about his work and the community. He deserves your support to continue the good work that he does for the benefit of the school and the community and he should be compensated, not by cutting his wage but by continuing to provide a standard of living that will insure his continued
involvement and dedication.
Arnaldo & Sara Pierluissi
2548 Cullom Ave.