Support: Beth Keckley

I’m disappointed in the lack of clarity around what transpired from the last LSC meeting, which happened in the evening to the following morning when we heard that Mr. Leki would no longer be a part of the school in a very detailed note was shared at that time indicating that a lot of his job responsibilities had been delegated to different members of the staff (was this done properly? are they getting paid extra? do they feel they can express their thoughts without fear of retaliation?) at Water, which would suggest that those plans had been made prior to the LSC meeting the night before, so I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been much transparency as to what actually transpired from that meeting to the following morning. I think that’s an important thing to point out because we want honest transparent dialogue around what took place here as Mr. Leki has been a very important member of the community and I think it’s important that we have that clarity so that there isn’t that transparency to day is quite disappointing.

Liz Chandron:

Thank you Beth.

NOTE Mr. Leki had emailed Liz Chandron 2 days before the meeting, asking to be allowed to comment. Beth Keckley’s comment was the last comment allowed during the August 2022 LSC meeting. Pete Leki was kept in the “waiting room” of the virtual meeting until this point in the meeting, when he was admitted to the meeting. The following words were spoken immediately after Mr Leki was admitted to the meeting.

Liz Chandron:

Do we have a motion to adjourn?

NOTE: Supporters of the Ecology program have noted that the exclusion of Mr Leki from the LSC meeting appears to have been intentional because others were admitted with no problem. Advice has been received to inquire whether this was a violation of the open meetings act by this first year principal.