Support: Comment from Marty Glass made to the LSC

I’m Marty Glass. I’m a licensed early childhood educator. I’ve lived in the Lincoln Square community for over 30 years. Regarding the Waters Ecology Program situation, I’m saddened, disappointed, and rankled about the loss of Mr. Leki’s leadership. Not only is this a tragic loss to the community, but equally and perhaps most importantly, the students education suffers from this change. … Of course one school alone cannot change the global climate, however Mr. Leki’s program provides foundational concepts necessary for solving some of the most important problems that humanity now faces. I don’t believe that more time spent on “traditional” biology classes at the expense of a deep field ecology program will benefit the students.

I have the following big questions: What is really important for Waters elementary school children? What does Waters value? Do the administrators want the students to become deep thinkers and problem solvers? Do the parents, CPS staff, and the staff at Waters want the students to be civic minded, caring individuals? Mr. Leki cares deeply for the well-being of the community and the planet. He is an educator, ecologist, manager, and a person of great integrity. In the interests of the students education, I strongly urge the powers that be to consider restoring the ecology program and Mr. Leki’s position to its former state.

Marty Glass, professional educator. There you have it.