Support: Dr. Richard Hudson

Brief letter supporting Mr. Leki
To whom it concerns,
Pete Leki is one of the most important parts of what makes Waters stand out as an excellent school. His impact is hard to quantify but nevertheless quite apparent to those who pay attention. The best way to appreciate nature is to experience it; this is far better than reading about it or watching videos. it is important to realize that nature is not some distant thing that is someplace else such as in the Amazon rainforest and the African savanna, but that it is also something in our back yards, our City and County parks, and, especially, patches of restored prairie and woodland.
Pete is not just a great teacher, he is a great naturalist. This knowledge is not easy to obtain; it accumulates with experience and observation. For example, I have enjoyed learning about native plants, edible nature, and rolly-pollies from him. He knows much more than me despite my Ph.D. in Biology.
To teach students about nature where it is takes effort. Outdoor field trips require a great deal of planning and supervision. This preparation does not necessarily appear on schedules.
Dr. Richard Hudson
Ph.D in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, University of Arizona
Waters parent since 2016