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Change in Mr. Leki’s job description
I’m really concerned because it looks like Principal Rutkowski is planning to reduce Mr. Leki’s job description and/or fire him. I moved into the district because of the Ecology Program. I’ve also given donations to Waters Today to keep the Ecology Program strong. Can you do anything about this? I’m including below a copy of an email that I sent to Mr. Rutkowski.
Sarah Richardson
Principal Rutkowski,
I am writing because I’m concerned that Mr. Leki’s position is being reduced. Before my adoptive son came home, my husband and I had to decide which school district we wanted to live in. We decided to move into an apartment in the Waters School District because of the ecology program, which shows how important it is to us. We are against the reduction in the program.
Mr. Leki’s job description from 2018 puts him as the head of a program:

If you look at the description, you can see that it describes a job that involves a lot of planning and coordination with other groups in the community. Mr. Leki’s current position also requires coordinating volunteers for activities on and off campus. I know this because several times I’ve been a volunteer helping with Mr. Leki’s
activities on the school grounds.
The proposed new job description really doesn’t fit what Mr Leki is doing. It describes an employee who assists teachers, not a director of a program. Mr. Leki does work with teachers, but he is the person planning and preparing for the activities, not the person assisting other teachers. Bringing in volunteers also doesn’t seem to be part of the new job description.
If you hired another person to the fill the job that the new job description describes, that would really reduce the the Ecology Program.
Please reconsider reducing the Ecology Program. Besides finding an apartment in the district, I’ve also given donations to Waters Today to make sure that the program continues to be high-quality.

Sarah Richardson