video from John Hess

A video from the community…Waters Parent John Hess provides this introduction:

“A lot you have probably never seen this. It’s a video of our son after his Kindergarten year talking about his already strong love for the Waters Garden. After just one year, our family recognized how extremely important the Waters Garden is to the school and the community. So, we created this video for a grant competition and won $5,000 to help the garden grow.
Now, as our son enters his 8th-grade year and we reflect on our many fond memories at Waters, the garden remains central in our hearts.

The Waters Garden is more than a hobby space or a “nice-to-have” – it’s a dynamic, hands-on outdoor classroom that enables a critical part of the school’s curriculum. It allows our city-raised kids to connect with the earth and environment in a way that no other Chicago school can offer.

We absolutely need a library, a science lab, more classrooms, and updated inclusive facilities…but not at the expense of the unique learning space of the Waters Community Garden.

We must find a way to make it all work! “- Waters Parent John Hess