Waters Garden

Waters Garden is an organic school and community garden, located at Sunnyside and Campbell in Chicago.

The garden is anchored by 4 ancient oaks, each over 350 years old, and full of spectacular gardens, including grape vines, berry bushes (raspberry, currant, gooseberry, chokeberry, goji), a community garden for gardeners who are the volunteer crew that maintains and waters the entire garden throughout the growing season, a fire circle, many outdoor classroom seating areas, outdoor play spaces, and, of course, classroom gardens!

The ecology program is anchored by Pete Leki, who teaches ecology K-8 remotely this season. For 20+ years Pete’s been taking Waters School students to the garden, riverpath, Sauganash forest preserve (LaBaugh), and the Lake at Montrose for field ecology.

Generations of Waters Students love the garden and feel welcome there, bringing their children to explore the fantastic beauty.

Garden Night is Wednesdays 5-sunset most weeks. Join our email list to get updates. Some weeks we do reschedule depending on weather or conflicts. Garden night is when we have a task list such as watering, weeding, planting, mulching, or gathering seeds or harvest. We are observing standard Covid protocols for safety.

We have compost bins that are only for garden use.