Ecology Program In Jeopardy

As of today, the Ecology Program  at Waters is going to be defunded by 30%. Some people in the LSC and school community have suggested that the garden is underutilized, a waste of space, and that what happens in the garden is a mystery. They say the ecology program is too expensive.

So we want to invite the LSC and our entire community to a Save the Garden, Save Ecology,  Celebrate the Garden Community, on Saturday, July 9, 2022 from 10 until noon. 

Come and share your experiences with the LSC and our Principal. Tell them what the garden has meant for you and your family. 

The garden didn’t appear spontaneously, and is not maintained by luck. Decades of work by generations of Waters students and families have created one of the largest, most beautiful, and ecologically important gardens in the city. The garden needs funding and protection.

The ecology program is unique to the entire city. It doesn’t fit into any of the boxes created by the system. It needs to be treasured and defended.

Join us on July 9 to share your stories, and bring some food to share. We will have a grill going to make quesadillas and hot dogs. We will be making fresh gooseberry lemonade. We will have a homemade pico de gallo contest. The winner gets a frozen bag of garden pumpkin! 

Bring your musical instruments and songs. Help us to save the garden and the ecology program. 
If you cannot be there, but wish to support this effort to save the ecology program, please send us a written letter of support. We will compile them and give them to the LSC and Principal.

Mr. Leki