Garden Critters

The temperatures are falling, but tomorrow’s forecast still calls for some sunshine. Join us on Saturday, 10:00am until noon, for garden stewardship!

Focus on… Critters

It’s not just plants that live in Waters’ garden. Here’s a small selection of insects seen over the last few months.

The “Focus On” series is written by Jeremy Atherton, the parent of a Waters 5th grader. He is a research scientist at Northwestern University Medical School. In addition to volunteering at Waters Garden, he is a steward at Riverbank Neighbors and a member of the 47th Ward Green Council.

Climate Change & Mosquitos: The Biting Truth

Meredith was fascinated by this Illinois Environmental Council webinar about mosquito abatement, which covered how climate change is affecting our mosquito population and what sustainable solutions are available.

Watch the recording on YouTube here!