Preparing for Winter

Join us on Saturday, 10:00am until noon, for garden stewardship! Temperatures are slated to be in the 50s with maybe even a peek of sun.

I try to be open to this moment of change, of ending, of hunkering down, aware of the clouds and sky and winds and birds… The cold took me by surprise. I was at the library, shivering from my bike ride. There was a box for donation of winter clothes. I admit, I took a look. I realize that these clothes were meant for the homeless, refugees and poor. To be cold is to be poor. It also made me think about the scores of boots and coats and gloves we have collected for Waters Ecology over the years. Today, they are sitting in the shed, unused and taking up space. Marsha and I were thinking that this Saturday we would go through, vet and clean the boots and clothes, and get them to those in need. And like the well-ordered and cleaned cedar shed, we can try to straighten up the “other” shed, tools, materials, cooking stuff. A good way to feather the nest to prepare for the winter.