Saturday..Garden Morning-9am to noon, July 30 2022

Dear Gardeners and Ecology Volunteers,

Tomorrow will be the last workday for which I will be a paid staff member at Waters. After that I will be a volunteer, just like you. But, just like you, I am dedicated to the continuation of this decades-long, generational restoration of a healthy, diverse and beautiful oak savanna ecosystem. 

The community, (newcomers welcome) will join together, tomorrow, to work, to learn, and after, to share food and to share music. 

We will gather up our joy and energy, and hear new ideas and initiatives being planned to take us to a new and better place. We need you, your family, your ideas and hope, your fun and energy. Bring it.

I keep running into people in the garden and neighborhood who ask “How are you doing?”, and didn’t know that the ecology program and my job no longer exist. It’s all been eliminated and replaced with something else and that the garden’s future is uncertain. Why did this happen? What can people do about it? Who will protect the garden from the continual onslaught of threats? Many people have raised their voice! Their voices are getting louder as the truth comes out. So, spread the word! Please go to to sign the petition (read the comments first and maybe leave your own when you sign too! and hear the latest news and ideas from the community in coming days.

Hope comes from the place of a heartache.

So, please, come ready to help us supervise kids, prep fire and food, play music during the whole morning(!), weed, chip. tie, water, and join the tour to learn how to ID some of our native plants. 

And please share these links widely on social media. Some Waters families aren’t getting the news.