Hot Fun in the Garden

Hello garden Friends,
It’s hot. and almost midway through the calendar summer. Much of our garden is thriving thanks to care and watering, and has yielded berries, and squash and broccoli and garlic, and more. The native gardens are thriving and diverse and beautiful. Paw paw and hazelnut are in fruit. Children graze the parkway garden savoring the last sweet raspberries.  And, importantly, our garden community is growing and healthy.

So, let us meet this evening, and take it easy: stay in the shade, no heavy lifting and if you bring food to share, let’s bring cold dishes so we won’t have to make a fire and cook. 

Next Wednesday evening we will be visited by Lauren Umek, Head of the Natural Areas division of the Chicago Park District. She has valuable knowledge about the Horner Park and River Park bank restorations, and natural areas management in general. She will join us for an informal Q &A around the fire circle. 
Pete  (for garden stewards)
Below are some of Jeremy’s latest photos.